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heartless ark sz

[music: m.carlsson / ablaze my sorrow]
[lyrics: m.carlsson]

give me energy
i cant control myself
im burning up from inside
there is no contact to your world
the flame inside me just died

every day will be the same
my only passion will heal my pain
one day light will come
for me it did never exist

true love is an empty bottle
which i made promise to
true love is shining colours
once again it will be shown
true love cant be taken away
it will never disappear
true love is here to stay
now ive got nothing to fear

your world is a blind mans eyes
that will show me eternity
your ear cant obtain my cries
ive already set my destiny
as we walk the path of life
which seems to have no end
alcohol made my cold emotions
and the rush is my only friend


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