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icecubes ark sz

a day on the beach, there is sand in my hair
the people i greet, they just stare
is it blood seeping out of my yellow bag
a dark red spot which is growing big and red and the drops are black

i try tomopen up my zipper but it blocks my hair
and gosh thats terryfying me
up i jump no breath, no blood pickign up my legs
and quickly the bag i flee

cool down breathing speaking softly to me
mother mary reaches down for me and she speaketh to me

put the root of this plant into her mouth
fix her head on the corpse
and youll find her alive!
love this lady till your death with honesty
true hope and burning eyes!
i do just as the mother said, hide her in my room
as the mother said hide her in my room

she wakes up with horrified eyes and i realize
that what i did was doom my god im doomed!

its like a million icecubes fall down
its like a million icecubes

she takes me throws me nials me tot he ground
opens the yellow bag i hear the zippers
her axes looking sharp and thats making me smile
cause i think that ill be caught in that bag for a while


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