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pay the price ark sz

when you let me go, i didnt know what to do
cause i was stuck, i was stuck on you
when you went away, it crushed me
it shattered all my hopes, my thoughts, and my dreams
and for a long, long time after that i didnt know what to do
no one ever saw me all i did was sleep and i stayed up in my room
well baby its your fault now you dont lie
you broke my heart and now youll pay the price
you could have me back but otherwise
you broke my heart and now youll pay the price
so now please go away, leave me alone
dont try to talk to me, dont call me on the phone
when you left, i was through with you
so now please leave, walk away from me
(coda) and when you walk away dont turn around because you
wont find me behind you
causey ou when you walked out of the door you didnt turn
around and i told you that we were through


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