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maybe its me ark sz

on the radio this morning
i heard our old song
i think back to the good times
and i wonder what went wrong
was it miscommunication?
or cause you had no trust in me?
or was it lack of inspiration,
or maybe, maybe its just me
water all around me
but nothing i can drink
theres light that surrounds me
but still i cannot see
i dont know what im feeling
its not right, it cant be
i try to find something to blame
but maybe, maybe its just me
bridge: (steven)
my stomachs all tied up in knots
i dont know how or what i got
but i know im confused
where can i go i must slow down
my mind is turning upside down/ i can feel it
chorus: (2x)
maybe, maybe its just me
i cant get to my heart
to guide me where to go
maybe, maybe its just me
i still cant find a way
to let my mind know (2nd time- which way i want to go)


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