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for better or worse ark sz

everyday i come by to see your shining face
if yo uknew how i feel inside youd have to be amazed
for just one chance to be with you id give my world my away
but for the lack of courage and the lack of hope all i can do is say
i just sit back here in silence
all the while my heart is dyin
ill never take a chance with her
for better or for worse
i try to hide my feeling and hope that you dont see
that being around you with the feelings i have is just killing me
i wish i could tell you how i feel, but im afraid of what youll say
so instead i keep my heart inside me, i cant make dumb mistakes
my time to share my heart with her is quickly running short
and when our eyes meet i tell myself i can wait no more
but i just cant tell her how i feel for the fear of getting hurt
she doesnt feel the same for me, and i know it will never work
repeat 1st verse
chorus (2x)


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