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seclusion ark sz

sit back, relax and enjoy your chair
relax and sit back, be happy that youre somewhere
where the truth doesnt hurt
where you can say any word you like
except for scoren

whatever your thrill
whatever which pill
youve never been in the clouds

whatever which door
no matter what youre looking for
youre the only one with the key

so why are you screaming
when theres noone to hear you shout
so why are you sneering
when theres nothing to sneer about

its a tough world
with swines and pearls
you say youre sorry for yourself

its your way out
but you break bounds
youll end up in the wrong box

so why are you screaming
when theres noone to hear you shout
youre not that endearing
when youre dead beat and all gaunt

youre on a trip but your suitcase is empty
youre on a trip but you didnt bring a map
you lost track and the guide you had is gone
you lost track and your compass shows no compassion


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