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explain it ark sz

the smell is all around me
of things i cannot buy
shiny and attractive
makes you wonder why
life is like a lottery
it already starts at birth
when oyure not a chosen one
youll end up in the dirt

crying is forbidden
for those who are in need
cant give in to sickness
for there are mouths to feed
it feels like amputation
to lose your goal in life
i want to run away and hide
and never come back again

the pink and yellow ladies
are holding their stomaches in
they cant stand seeing me
eating from a bin
they think im a shithead
begging for some food
well, he surely dies on us
that present-day robin hood

ive never seen the sea
ive never climbed a mountain
can someone please explain it
ive never found no god
ive never seen an angel
can someone please explain it

already in the morning im defeated by the day


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