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conquer it all ark sz

completely nuts
she is crazy and she looks at me
as if she never saw me before
no place for me in her dewy asteroid
its the season of the witch
she lies down under trees
a sudden death or still living on?
she lives around here
but i never saw htat face before

shes stripped of pride
she wont walk she can only roll
she is been like that for five weeks
every day i laugh my head off
so i wont have to cry

she talks to rainbows
in her own strange ways
theres no life beside her
shes an orange nowadays

always first in line in the modern world
where good taste is bad
and bad taste becomes good

i want to conquer it all

the danger trying to touch her
better not say a word
she has a mouth like a machine gun

shes not bathing anymore
letting go of all her dirt
is this the smell of the future?


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