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brand new religion ark sz

question 1:are you he devout son that knows it all
question 2: or does someone else always think for you
when questions are rased about the basics of the systems hate
question 3:i ask because its not my philosophy
to walk around without ears, without eyes, without thinking
dont want to chant or say praise to a god that allows killing

i need a brand new religion
because your god cant fool me
weve got nothing in common
i question things, you see

youre taught to fight
claim youre always right
your truistic thoughts
its just like
swimming on sand and walking on water
you try to keep up but theyre pulling you under

question 5: how is your beloved wife, still trapped in your thoughts?
question 6: re-read your books, it just might do the trick
tunnel vision no remission

ideas pollute whats holy and good
all good natured men become malicious
and i try to keep my head above water
but its oh so hard when theyre pulling me under

tunnel vision wrong decision
aint it true that you only feed those whose hands are tied
aint it true that you also jail those whose ideas are too wild
tunnel vision life privation


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