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did you fall or were you pushed ark sz
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did you fall or were you pushed ark sz

now there comes a time
in every mans life
when the pressures on
you gotta take a wife
go get a job
and rent a morning suit now
but somehow byo
i know that isnt you yeah
dont mean to be rude
did you fall
or were you pushed
was it love
or were you used yeah
well it seems to me
theres a change of heart
we used to talk all night
but now were worlds apart
shared a drink
shared some good times too yeah
but now youre here
i look at someone new now
what happened to
the man i knew
in you eyes
i realise
you betrayed
the dreams we made
as i look into the sun
you are the lonely one
i wish you luck
youre gonna need it too yeah
theres just one thing
im gonna say to you now


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