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witch-storm ark sz

silvern skull, sable shroud, ebon tower, onyx crown.
witchfire, black citadel, frost-shrouded steel, moon-veiled spell.

the skyqueen of the dead rides forth, black storm-borne steeds,
(their flanks anointed by) immortal blood,
hark to the striking of the winds, the moon burns black as slaughter reigns.

bright fires agleam through winters night,
dark spells whispered on the winds,
the trees enrobd in veils of frost,
moonfire entwines the eye of khthon.

from the moon-swathed depths of winter-mists,
enchantress, she-who-walks-the-night-alone,
sloe-eyed shape-shifting sucubus,
silken veils and slime-smeared flesh.

storm-witch, hearken this night,
hone this black blade with sorcery,
battle-spells annoint my flesh,
let blood and steel be my glory.

elder tongues encarved in sinistrous slime-flecked stone,
the obsidian tower broods neath the moon,
winged fiends descend from storm-wrought skies,
black ring, key to the shadow gate, aglow with eldritch spells.

forged in witchfire, envenomed steel,
ensorcelled blade, blood-ravening,
ebon demons tooth, the bane of kings,
red rain of slaughter, prow of blood.


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