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the girl in the dirty shirt ark sz

if i may be so bold could i just say something
come and make me my day
the clouds around your soul dont gather there for nothing
but i can chase them all away

why dyou need a reason for to feel happy
or be shining for the rest of the world
give me just a smile and would you make it snappy
get your shit together girl

you got a feeling lost inside
it just wont let you go
your life is sneaking up behind
it just wont let you go
no it just wont let you go
what im trying to say...

is would you maybe, come dancing me
cos to me it doesnt matter if your hopes and dreams are shattered
when you say something you make me believe
in the girl who wears a dirty shirt
she knows exactly what shes worth
knows exactly what shes worth to me!
that i can see, i can see

if you ever find yourself inside a bubble
youve gotta find your own way home
you can call me anytime youre seeing double
now you know youre not alone


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