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my big mouth ark sz

everybody knows... but no-ones saying nothing
and its a sound so very loud... that no-one can hear
i got something in my shoe... its keeping me from walking
down the long and winding road... back home to you

around this town youve ceased to be
thats what you get for sleeping with the enemy
where angels fly you wont play
so guess whos gonna take the blame for...

my big mouth, my big name
wholl put on my shoes while theyre walking
slowly down the hall of fame?
into my big mouth you could fly a plane
wholl put on my shoes while theyre walking
slowly down the hall of fame?
slowly down the hall of fame

i aint never spoke to god
and i aint never been to heaven
but you assumed i knew the way
even though the map was given
and as you look into the eyes
of a bloody cold assasin
only then youll realize
with whos life you have been messin


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