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its gettin better man ark sz
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its gettin better man ark sz

say something shout it from the roof tops off your head
make it sort of mean something make me understand or ill forget
the people here on lifes beaches they wish upon the waves that hide the sand
let them know that life teaches you to build a castle in the hand

maybe the songs that we sing are wrong
maybe the dreams that we dream are gone
so bring it on home and it wont be long
its getting better man!

hey! what was that you said to me?
just say the word and id be free?
and where the stars are shining bright
its getting better man!
and crashing in upon a wave
its calling out beyond the grave
and were the fire in the sky
were getting better man!

build something build a better place and call it home
even if it means nothing youll never-ever feel that youre alone


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