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i hope, i think, i know ark sz
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i hope, i think, i know ark sz

theyre trying hard to put me in my place
and that is why ive gotta keep running
the future is mine and its no disgrace
cos in the end the past means nothing

you tell me im free then you tie me down
and from my chains i think its a pity
what did it cost you to wear my crown
you dont like me why dont you admit it

dyou feel a little down today?
bet you aint got much to say?
but your gonna miss me when im not there
you know i dont care, you know i dont care

as we beg and steal and borrow
life is hit and miss and this
i hope, i think, i know
and if i hear the names you call
if i stumble catch me when i fall
cos baby after all, youll never forget my name


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