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spellcraft & moonfire ark sz

black stone summoning the eternal power of the winter moon...

fen-witch revel in ancient spellcraft,
beneath a horned and waning moon
enchantress, heather-bride a dreaming,
the beckoning gloom enthralls me,
the lord of wolves haunts the forest,
in brooding winters icy rapture,
hoarfrost glimmers neath the moon,
sorcery opens fiend-haunted pathways before me.

black stone summoning the eternal power of the winter moon...

enthralled by the evil lotus-dreams,
witches eyes agleam with candle-flame,
nine elven stones beneath the waves,
whispered spells in serpent-tongues,
gleaming sword in ice enshrined,
chaos-throne witch-fire entwined,
marsh grasses swaying neath the moon,
dark spellcraft summons the black gate before me...

icy waters whispering,
tower of silence hides the shadow-key,
ember-trees haunt my fevered dreams,
moo-nbride, sing thine dark enchantment.

the moonless abysses of mid-earth,
black basaltic halls of night,
ghoul-plagued darkness, vale of fiends,
amorphous leige bloats and breeds.

elder shadows writhing before the silvern gate of eternal winter,
dark shapes entwine the mist-veiled cromlech,
dynig torchlight gleams on silent black waters,
fen-wolves sing to the gibbous moon...

arise from dreams, shape-shifting fiends,
dance madly neath the moon,
to the pipes of bone, anoint the (witches) stone,
beneath the ancient tomb.


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