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you & i remix ark sz

time dont let me wait too long
been searching hig hand low
waiting for the love
you promised me
and i believe with all my heart
that youll come back to me
well fall in love once again
you and i
we can make it if we give love a try
you and i
well have brighter days
well love through the night
you and i
theres no way that we can fall
we can have it all
if you believe in you and i
now i cant wait another day
to hold you and to say
the words that youve been longing to hear
so try and look into my eyes
the secrets deep inside its locked away
you hold the key
and we can climb any mountain
and shout out to the world
for all to see
that theres no greater love song
that this song in our heart
so wont you sing with me
[repeat chorus]


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