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just believe ark sz

everywhere you look you see a world so bright and new
and everywhere you look to see the sun that shines over you
every now and then you feel theres nothing you can do
in this world you seem to be all alone and lifes got a hold on you
but all you have to do is close your eyes
just think of it (oh baby)
and well be there for you (you... you...)
so not the time has come to let us in believe (oh baby)
and now the world belongs to you
just believe were loving you and there aint you cant do
just believe well be there for you and the world belongs to you
just believe well miracles lets make it all come true for you
everywhere you walk, you walk in love hand in hand
and anything you want your dream will be yours
when youre in command
just in case you feel alon eand theres nothing more to do
just believe well live inside the halls of me and you
and all you have to do is reach your back and touch the sky
and well be there for you you and you
so now the time has come to make it start from the heart
and all the world belongs to you
now we must join as one
lets give to a cheering time
the world will be so lonely
its up to us to make a change
if you all just remember that we are all the same
just believe


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