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human ark sz

im only human
come on baby dry your eyes
wipe your tears
never like to see you cry
wont you please forgive me
i wouldnt even try to hurt you
i just needed someone to hold me
to fill the void while you were gone
to fill the space of emptiness
im only human
flesh and blood im made
born to make mistakes
so many night i long to hold you
so many times i look and saw your face
and think to change to way i feel
no one else could ever take your place
[chorus rap]
dee is the name, life is a game
can be true or not, whats up with you
i mean to say i make you cry
dont have to be but i didnt know why
baby im sorry if i heard you cry
would you please forgive me
if i tell whats keeping inside
i promise to know of each day and every day
so please forgive me
[repeat chorus]


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