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the spirit of venus ark sz

unreal revealed this imagination
a dream so real, a dream so deep
turning me towards all mysteries
i see through the veil of darkness
and the mirror behind it reflects my fate
but the way is blocked - by sorrow
i scream into non-existing nothingness
and at last only silence remains
oh, make every tear in my heart a lifetime in hell
falling eternal through the pits of time
into an abysmal womb of subcansciousness
torn apart by the phenomenon of enlightenment
and here she was standing enrobed by mist
the spirit of venus
chanting my name embracing my soul
the blood was freezing as i touched the flesh and ripped out her heart
a kiss which brought total eclipse
unite us in pain
unite us in blasphemy and lust
and join us through your devotion
grant me deepest ecstasy under the watching autumn eye
that has guided me through all this year
and in the coldness of night i whisper the wildest dreams unto you
while i am shrouded by crystals of frosty dusk
and the everlasting winter embraces my heart with grief


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