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uknowhowwedu ark sz

verse i

landscapin mentally shapin lookin at my gucci its about that time
represent my peoples on the ill-a-del side live like my 93 sh-t funk
vibe i used imagination like hansoul master like vic with the off beat
flow a lady like b in ster-re-erie-o raps way back at the plat. wit
super bad disco use to do the freak the patty duke and giggalo da
aftermidnight on the weekend (ho) you remember we 3d with steady b
nuff respect go to yvette money psk miz on pause delay mc jewel t
rocked ride the cross fade breeze from nah bottom
discombobbaboobalate, cerrone was da break if you was diggin in nah crates

(you know how we do)

verse ii

da youngstas be makin crews pop divine beings got da true sound of
hip-hop man called lux flipped on nah boom box (mad) props to
ruggedness lyrical terrorists funky rhymin like e-b-s crush nation
with dem nigs snooze b and jazz fresh easin back and let it hit cha
rumbletown mixture its merdah wit da hypnotic rude girl back to back
ghetto pun tha scratch battle star galack cosmic abstraxx da first out
da limo was that nigga charlie mack west phils represent k-d wheres
it at cuz we not takin no shorts more yuup - yuup to tha rebels to
pan and dice raw...

verse iii

(shout outs and rock - rock ons)


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