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spontaneity ark sz

straight outta the metro rhythm central im innovative at thee intro
cause i go slow moe but never slow poke but never joke dope but never
coke spits a riddle like flim loose with my lyrics like double jointed
limbs i twist and i bend common episodes past freak mode the monstrous
bass beneath my pace be like morse code slash beep slash beep scanners
zero in to the system in your jeep im out there with kool keith and
ced-gee and de la inventors of my third seeing eye with futuristic
vision im not among loony nut cakes on a mission i gets in where i
fit in cause lifes too short so you could all label me weirdo but yo
i know its talent...

chorus mad explosive spontaneity

at present i speak the new beginning when every other trend fell short
so wholl be the shareholder of my kinda thoughts besides the studious
cuz the gludious max-a-must lack ability to scoop all capabilities of
spontaneity within me depicted kicked it true vibes pops jazz but
collaborated with the cool known flows but unfamiliar grooves soothe
individual moods like soul food for thought...

rip here be dizz like everybodys on it cause eternal verbal expansion
keeps enhancing brain childs ability to like surpass a swarm of booty
ass no grass roots having ass mcs with luke warm degrees trying to
get hot like sun rays but save your jazz for sun ra you dont wanna
spar my siklls fill up thee outer limits like mars and yous a little
star i jacked your twinkle when i excelled well like tinkerbell up to
higher levels and heights cerebral flow takes flight on airborne time
im a prime candidate of specimen in your walkman as youre listening
i make things happen cause im the captain keepin this great.....

chorus mad explosive spontaneity (repeat)


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