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special forces ark sz

poems stay calm, approachin it
they be flop and over it
back on my feet just like im posed to get (yeah!)
livin up, i tell it yall totin chicks
you aint really hot, you just image and politics
the total type, yall duplicates and male affiliates
soundin the silliest, doin renditions of hits like al yankovic
i never been, kept it in suspense like a scene outta scream legacy
like marcia jones, im reppin for queens
doin royal things, lock em down for offspring
whole team be a bunch of backpackers and mic fiends
we all first string, spittin them jewels that bling bling
and when i hit mainstream, yall niggas can bite me

-cuts by dj revolution-
"live and direct" [kool g rap] "yeah"
"we takin over
"live and direct" "yeah"
"we move like the special forces, green beret" [prodigy]
"live and direct" "yeah"
"thats the reason why none of yall cant compete" [big daddy kane]

[planet asia]
aiyyo these is ghetto-bound scripts
for pseudo mcs to breathe off of
i vaporize tracks like mentalyptis with active ingredients
comin straight from the yardie
my click rolls thicker than the black panther party
up next for generation x
most of these rap cats is barely fresh
and when they carry me, they gon bury me wit a mic on my chest
wit a wide crowd lookin
but for now, these mic minerals is ital cookings
gettin seasoned on, we carry blades of various shapes
for the crates and cds, and those still married to tapes
bahama-d up in the spot wit cali agents and chops
for all you big shots that thought you had this rap game locked

man forget about it
whenever we got beef, ingga we spit about it
get in the stands and swing hands
you better change the plans, its not goin down like that
you in this game wit some serious cats
perhaps we could adapt to those that spit flows
keepin them on they toes
hopin it dont come to blows
cuz if it come to that then we layin em flat
i hit these niggas so hard you think im sprayin a gat
we at, these mcs never smokin the trees
i think on the blink off some serious drinks
fresh dipped wit some serious links, we make cash
put my foot on the gas and smooth rip a niggas ass

"live and direct" "yeah" "we takin over"
"live and direct" "yeah"
"we move like the special forces, green beret"
"live and direct" "yeah"
"my troops roll up wit a strange force" [nas]

chops pedigree, heavily drop rock readily
hip hop peep sleep brevely
call form assembly
genetically, neither ivory nor ebony
rather imbalanced chemically, talents are tendencies
towards supremecy, ask not like john kennedy
who made your ass hot, remember me
see the cause of the blaze
lost in the maze, frankie beverly
while you dab your face wit the hankie tenderly
intricately weed, the steady medley
along wit these 3 mcs, combine rhymes to the end degree
flows overload your sensory, so you can thank me regretfully
with ease, can breathe from these procedures
leave a blank in your memory what!

"live and direct" "yeah" 2x
"we move like the special forces, green beret"
"live and direct" "yeah" 2x
"none of yall cant compete"
"live and direct" "yeah" 2x
"none of yall cant compete"
"live and direct"


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