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innovation ark sz

first verse

flam, combustion thrustin new versions of verses over kids heads like
halos bendin ney brain cells like indo "n-o-va-shun definition
different renditions of creations sorta like what im doin, style
that im usin - wordsmith meets rap fusion if thats a category fit
for grammy like source awards then com-pet-tit-tors bet-tor look out
like pack jam once i record - "n-o-v-a-shun" the first, to influx
information no relation to wackness instead pedantic - combating prose
with passionate passages surpassing the realm of gun to-ting savages
however able da serve them like mr. belvedere once confronted, they
dont ever want it cuz i got my freestyle fellowship membership but i
will still get fit to, ace-ya-alone - (i)"nn-o-va-shun"...

second verse

presentation "ori-gi-nile" - ways of thinking "ra-shun-nile" ready for
consumption to each one suckered in or rather lured by each lyric
contoured to thee com-plexity of "n-o-va-shun" i,"nn-o-v-a-shun"
bi-coastal vernacular enables one to become, a-phenomenon - a -
"sen-sa-shun" ac-com-pa-nee-ing pa-rump-pa-pum-pums - "n-o-vashun"...

third verse

finer degrees or shall i say meters of rap and poetry combine to make
this one topic of discussion, you heard dat sh-t "n-o-va-shun"
bahamadia must be one of tha last pioneers in captivity, linking vocal
tones and microphones to holy matrimony, each song composed in ritual
ceremonies - for sight exceeds that of modern day prophet rambonie,
(i)nn-o-va-shu-n-o-va-shu, i-"nn-o-va- (pause) shun".


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