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i confess ark sz

verse one:

word life boo, i checked you flexin wit cha crew
lookin sweet enough to chew wit them saint eyes like tha brew,
roughneck mannerism, fly disposition,
ya live like channel sparkin like mad-izm,
my mission, is gettin into you like a religion,
my womans intuition tells me cupids arrows hittin,
youre the prince with the glass slipper that my foot could fit in,
this feelin that i have is never endin, im sendin, my love like zhane up
in a box
with the bow up on the top, cause, for you i got the hots so
please accept these feelings i posess im like a damsel in distress in
pursuit of happiness, i confess
chorus: ive been really tryin baby
tryin to hold back these feelings for so long
and if you feel, like i feel baby
come on, ohhh, come on


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