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dire straits, dire straits arklar, dire straits ark szleri
1.angel of mercy423
2.brothers in arms504
3.calling elvis417
5.down to the waterline399
6.expresso love367
7.fade to black436
8.follow me home370
9.hand in hand399
10.heavy fuel446
11.how long1646
12.i think i love you too much400
13.if i had you379
14.in the gallery341
15.industrial disease380
16.iron hand398
17.it never rains324
18.kingdom come365
19.lady writer779
20.les boys410
22.love over gold392
23.millionaire blues380
24.money for nothing534
25.my parties339
27.niggaz done started something353
28.on every street367
29.once upon a time in the west543
30.one world389
31.portobello belle384
32.private investigations398
33.ride across the river394
34.romeo and juliet522
35.setting me up349
36.single handed sailor407
37.six blade knife483
39.so far away352
40.solid rock376
41.southbound again379
42.sultans of swing524
43.telegraph road383
44.the bug412
45.the mans too strong623
46.the planet of new orleans399
47.ticket to heaven396
48.tunnel of love349
49.twisting by the pool403
50.two young lovers392
51.walk of life422
52.water of love415
53.whats the matter baby637
54.when it comes to you360
55.where do you think youre going489
56.why worry441
57.wild west end379
58.you and your friend825
59.your latest trick473
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