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the dark kiss ark sz

buried beneath forgotten cryptic stones
enshrined in silence, embraced by darkness
belonging to the hidden ancient race
am i still dead but dreaming
awaiting my time of resurrection
reminisce of a day long ago in past
when i was blessed with the dark kiss
the gift which immortalized me once
oh... i do remember the taste of hot blood
which was running upon my white face
to moisten my dry lips
with a burning kiss of mortality
..a burning kiss of mortality
my eyes are blazing red in the night
leather wings adorn my huge back
my fangs are sharp as frozen steel
prepared to caress thy beloved neck
i rise from the tombworld, folding out my wings
flying up high through the nocturnal sky
looking for cretures who are worthy
to get the dark kiss
and to satisfy my hunger for blood
during this night
i do feel again the taste of hot blood
my fangs are mutilating thy sweet flesh
its the painful bite of the dark kiss
vampires kiss... blut ist leben
.. the blood is the life


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