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dillinger four, dillinger four arklar, dillinger four ark szleri
1. dick butkus355
2.a floater left with pleasure in the executive washroom309
3.all rise for the rational anthem376
4.an american banned462
5.are you the motherfucker with the banana416
6.bite the curb, bite the curb345
7.d= putting the "f" back in "art"348
8.define "learning disorder"424
10.farts are jazz to assholes519
11.fired-side chat339
12.folk song494
13.fuck you, ms rochelle409
14.fuzzy pink hand-cuffs342
15.get your studyhall outta my recess395
16.handmade hard times handed back485
17.hes a shithead yeah, yeah386
18.hi-pro glow483
19.holy shit418
20.honey, i shit the hot tub432
21.i coulda been a contender357
22.i was born on a pirate ship holdyourtongue450
23.inquiring minds should read a book348
24.it smells like ok soda363
25.its a fine line between the monkey and the robot506
26.j harris521
27.last communion364
28.let them eat thomas paine349
29.maximum piss & vinegar345
30.mosh for jesus400
31.music is none of my business426
32.new punk fashions for the spring formal381
33.noble stabbings337
35.one trick pony419
36.open and shut408
37.our science is tight366
38.portrait of the artist as a fucking asshole373
39.q how many punks does it take to change a light bulb404
40.sally maclennane365
42.shiny things is good487
43.shotgun confessional388
44.shut your little trap, inc371
45.shut your trap -a song for jake-360
46.smells like ok soda378
47.some where south of respect378
48.suckers intl has gone public349
49.super models dont drink colt608
50.super powers enable me to blend in with machinery428
51.thanks for nothing379
52.thanks for nothing part :the revenge68
53.the father, the son, and the homosexual353
54.the great american going out of business sale415
55.total fucking gone song380
56.twenty one said three times quickly394
57.twin cities sinners, united329
59.who didnt kill bambi642
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