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speak ark sz

well i sat down next to a photograph
tried my best almost made her laugh
she was my toughest crowd
there in the way was a moutain up in the clouds
well i cant sleep and im not in love
i cant speak without messing up
eyes tell of whats behind
and hers showed the way to a long and lonely climb
but through failure ill proceed
and shell see how far ive come

and its you and me in the sun and sea
ill offer my arms to yours
it seems to me, no mystery
well it isnt
so ill try hard to speak

well i sat down next to a living hell
tried my best until i struck out
movement is not mine
i stood in the way pretending that i was the vine
but no failure will proceed from a mouth that drinks its wine

and its not me
not my sanctity
these arent my words to you
its all clear when its not from here
so clear
so ill try not to speak


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