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it came from the ground ark sz

i hear your sound from the ground
and it feels so good
i see the lights fading
lets gather the rain
inside your hood
now i hear shes got the fever
oh and i need her, i knew i would
now i see your stalling
catch me im falling underground

now i sense the ground is moving
yet something is proving me wrong i find
i see the colour changing
to follow the range inside your mind
ive tried to please her, maybe ill weave her a lullaby
the fallen trees are not yet in season
but underground

a giant grain of sand could
slip through your hand
and you wouldnt know
you fly away, im sailing
my heart would be failing without this glow
i wonder if youve seen me
with infinite greenery all around
if i could here you calling
id break down the walls that defend her sound


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