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camping next to water ark sz

camping next to water
fish infested slaughter
i feed the fishes into me
its a misty within reason
im hoping i dont freeze here
i fuel the fire, i feed its glow
but theses no use in feeling
all the things im feeding
theres no one here to feel with me

the second is easier
though it may be breezier
and the snow is falling down
but as the fire smoulders
i will never will grow older
because i drink from waterfalls
the stars above shine on me
ill catch and save them in a jar

my feet a mass of blisters
collecting frost on whiskers
as i taste the moring dew
i think my mind is clearer now
i want you to be nearer now
im ready t come back to you
cause theres no use in feeling
all the things im feeling
theres no one here to feel with me.


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