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another pearl ark sz

why are you trembling so much,
i dont think i ever felt so good.
when all i need is to be free,
where i love you and you love me.
follow the circle sur le plage,
on a mono-coloured trip voyage.
this is the colour of my word,
stay watch me find another pearl.

follow the gold leaf trail back where,
we were young and had no care.
tracing the circles that we made,
i dont wanna live a life in shade.
will this be a desert or a beach,
or a place to find the things we need.

now you and i make up perfect things,
watch me trade my wheels for wings.
but dont ever use those wings to fly
just the essence of a lullaby
now i am a giant grain of sand
but i may be slipping thru your hand
follow my colour coded world
and watch be find another pearl

its a sound that i love
and it came from above
theses the sound of the sea
are you following me

lets walk to the sound of distant shells
to a place where life would have no end
youd be the mother of my pearls
if you follow me into my world
back to a place where id be free
where id love you and youd love me
this is the colour of my world
go watch me find another pearl


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