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a peak you reach ark sz

no sign of life, pulsing through these aging veins
i bet its your age thats easier for you to say
forcing answers into questions
and worrying that you might stop breathing

on and on we sift through alphabets of life
that never get us anywhere, anyway
id like you to feel we have the best intentions
and i want you to know that i know its not easy

i want you to know that i know its not easy


then theres a peak you reach

ill tell somebody thats never even there
somebody that you may hope that they might care
>from nearby health, or distant wealthfare
im pleased to hear that your warm, cause im freezing

yeah im freezing

i dont wanna be alone, is that out of the question
id like a happy home, is that too obvious
quit being pushed around, stand on my feet
and kick all these losers out of my street

ive been losing confidence in the heat
just when im feeling the strength i get weak x2

-do be dooooooo-

then theres a peak you reach

ill tell somebody
a peak you reach
thats never even there
a peak you reach
id like you to feel weve reached our peak

peak you reach

-do be doooo-


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