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queen of perfection ark sz

well i take off my shoes
when i walk in her door
and try my best to levitate
cross her living room floor
cause you cant leave tracks
when youre on hollowed ground
shell just make you sweepem up
like youre being hunted down
shes the queen of perfection
everybody knows why
shes the queen of perfection
and shes soon gonna die
she says, "your body is a temple, boy
you ought to treat it well
but you trash the place and rent it out
like its some cheap motel"
then she takes away my plate
before ive finished my meal
and works on my hygiene
against my will
well, marie antoinette, she said
"let em eat cake"
while she should have been planning
her own damn escape
now i smile cross the table
at my lady supreme
knowin that her coffees laced
with mr. clean
chorus 2x


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