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gonna paint a picture
gonna put it in a frame
so i can show you how im feelin
without having to explain
and you can hang it from you ceiling
in your safe and happy home
when you come to understand it
youll know youre not alone
once upon a time
we could speak our minds
but now i dont believe you gwendolyn
i dont believe youre all that strong
i dont believe you know the dangers
of this road youre travlin on
youre always asking questions
that you know the answers to
tell me please
what do you want from me
gonna write a song
gonna tell it like it is
and if you recognize yourself
i know youre going to be pissed
and if you call me on it
ill deny it through and through
just like woody allen would
if he were in my shoes
once upon a time
i could speak my mind
gonna write a letter
gonna mail it to myself
sincerely and forever
you and yours can go to hell
well, the ill put it in my pocket
so when this all comes crashing down
ill have a way to show you
how long ive been wearing down
once upon a time
we could speak our minds
chorus 2x


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