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angels of mercy ark sz

there must be angels of mercy
lookin down on me
cause when i lok up to the sky
i swear i see
angels of mercy lookin down on me
well, i know what i know
and you know what you know too
and i know that you know
exactly what i think of you
and if i were you and you were me
i wouldnt blame you for not liking me
even though we arent enemies
time can have a way of changin
everything you think is right
and time can have a way takin
everything you hold too tight
so you search for explanations
and you find some now and then
while the angels
theyre gettin impatient
with your experiments
i believe theres a power of healing
that comes with experience
i believe in believing you feelings
even when they make no sense
but i believe that the way im going
im gonna end up too soon dead
well, when asked to give my reasons
this is what i said
i might have used my education
if i gave a shit
i night have spoke for my generation
if i agreed with it
now some say that ive gone crazy
but i aint gone nowhere
some say im apathetic, man
but i dont care
i admit that im a loser
i admit that i am scum
i admit i like cheap beer and women
as much as anyone
i dont worry about the future
who knows what that will bring
i just wait to see what happens
and i pretend i planned the whole thing
so lets see what tomorrow brings
chorus 2x


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