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rock star poser ark sz

fuckin posers
its almost over now
its almost over now

you think the way you live is okay
you think posin
will save the day
you think we dont see
that youre running
better call your boys
cause im coming


you cant be me
im a rock star
im rhyming on the top of a cop car
im a rebel and my.44 pops far

its almost over now
its almost over now

you aint heard that we swallow guys
its too damn late to apologize
will you see the mantle or will you see the skies

its almost over now
its almost over now

you think that you dont have to ever quit
you think that you can get away with it

you think the light wont be ever lit

its almost over now
almost over now

somethings on your chest
better get it off
therell be no one left when we set it off
we aint gonna take it no more

its almost over now
almost over now

you have to plenty of time
there was no rush
but it was your dream to be like us
youre in dreamland so you dont care
and as you wait
im standing there

[repeat chorus]

you dont succeed cause you hesitate
you think were fly
but we levitate
just be yourself
dont ask us why
cause if you dont well make you fly

[repeat chorus]


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