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revealed secrets of the whispering moon ark sz
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revealed secrets of the whispering moon ark sz

..and so my mind is calm
ready for the darkest eons
candlelight caresses my eyes
incense smoke displaces soiled air
this trip is part of an endless journey
im satan and satan is me
finding myself through this experience
wash away all that ever was...
my life is a funeral ceremony
as i march through the mortals graves
i obey deepesti nner instincts
and gain the endless power of darkness
to place the seed of evil
right in the heart of the earth
..and all ancient power manifests as shadows
which darken not only my heart and soul
but the holy light of all that dare to stand
against the forces of the black flame
in der nacht als der mond tausend gesichter hatte
offenbarte sich mir das geheimnis
und anstatt der haut in der menschen gesichter
sah ich nur dunkles spinnennetzgeflecht
in the night when the moon had a thousand faces
the secret was revealed to me
and instead of the skin in the human faces
i saw only dark spiderwebs


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