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am i high ark sz

la la la la
la la la
didnt you know i can help or hurt you
so theres no reason to lie
i bet you let those other niggas jerk you
convince you that they are fly
i never said i was an angel
said but i aint like those other guys
youre convinced that our experience rearranged you
well maybe you should reexamine
how you tried

am i high

i think ive loved you since our high school
but you only wanted friends of mine
so when they replied
her shes cool
only then you gave our friendship time
you wont say it but you think im changing
is it because the whole world calls me drugs
didnt i say i can help or hurt you
you should be paranoid without me
and with me feel a buzz
is that cocky or what

am i high

its the kinda high that got me leaning
120 speeding in the rain
meaning of a hydroplane
play both sides of the field
see i know pain
keep em high like kurt cobain
im known for speaking my mind
known for fleeing from the scene of a crime
eyes redder than the beam of my nine
eyes redder than the scene of that crime
all for the love of the lime
im so high

insinuating youre not that way
i see how you look and use your eyes
but when i ask you can i jump in
then you start again with the lines
but if i dare you youd blow a kiss to another
though my friends have no idea who you could be
dont worry i would never tell another
but i ate your pussy as you layed there beside her yes she was asleep

am i high

why am i sitting here
peering the sky
is there something inside of me or am i high
from when we talk on the phone til when we fuck
this sounds like deep lust to me
but i get high on your love

am i high


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