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nocturnal stardust ark sz

azrael! angel of death
go forth into that dark night
on the narrow threshold stands a legion
united they sing out but one name
sword to pointed sword
wing to pointed wing
language unpronounceable
for human tongue ? for mortal senses
lnaudible, yet loud as thunder
cracking silence in that cave of winds
azrael! angel of death
go forth into that dark night
youre the lamp onto the realms of shadows
as you would enter the arms of your lover
drawn me higher into the night skies!
take my hand and guide me on this journey
dispel fear with understanding
i am your temple
the temple within all evil dwells
all i am is light and shadow expressed in the manifest from
orion, i lock my visions onto the stars
i am your bipolar chaos
of proud heart and valiant soul
death zone ? reflections in liquid glass
cry tears ? tears that gleam like falling stars
death zone ? barren planets teemed with life
as i warp my wings around this universe
and collect billions]
of souls ? the souls that rope
upon the planets surface
glimmer as tiny blue flames
vale of shadowed twilight spheres
bearer of the milleniums pain
azrael! within, without, everywhere and nowhere
i am the essence of all life and death


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