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diana ross, diana ross arklar, diana ross ark szleri
1.a brand new day everybody rejoice382
2.a mothers love515
3.a simple thing like cry347
4.after you388
5.aint no mountain high enough522
6.aint no sad song485
7.aint nothin but a maybe434
8.all for one344
9.all night lover382
10.all of me405
11.all of my life383
12.all of you duet with julio iglesias502
13.all the befores334
14.amazing grace662
15.and if you see him313
16.anywhere you run to390
17.ave maria913
18.baby its love562
19.baby its me464
20.baby love387
21.back to the future581
23.be a lion399
24.behind closed doors447
25.being green350
26.believe in yourself470
27.believe in yourself reprise391
28.blame it on the sun368
29.bottom line334
30.brown baby682
31.can i go on461
32.cant it wait until tomorrow432
33.carry on325
34.chain reaction317
35.change of heart381
36.come in from the rain358
37.come together451
38.confide in me434
39.corner of the sky321
40.crime of passion330
41.cross my heart360
42.cryin my heart out for you461
43.dance: ten looks: three57
44.dark side of the world347
45.did you ever wonder why376
46.did you read the morning papers402
47.didnt you know youd have to cry sometime446
48.dirty looks389
49.dont explain689
50.dont give up on each other448
51.dont nobody bring me no bad news464
52.dont rain on my parade404
53.dont stop456
54.doobedoodndoobe,doobedoodndoobe, doobedoodndoo385
55.drop the mask385
56.ease on down the road398
57.ease on down the road364
58.ease on down the road353
59.eaten alive392
60.emerald city sequence319
61.endless love duet with lionel richie338
62.every day is a new day320
63.everything is everything395
66.fine and mellow318
67.fool for your love299
68.force behind the power380
69.forever young367
70.free im gone492
71.friend to friend343
72.gettin ready for love391
73.gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer332
75.girls in ross418
76.give up401
77.go, tell it on the mountain318
78.god bless the child342
79.goin through the motions503
81.goodmorning heartache422
82.got to be free404
83.happy christmas war is over328
84.have fun again347
85.he lives in you735
86.heart dont change my mind433
87.heavy weather324
88.here i am532
89.hes the wizard460
90.his eye is on the sparrow322
92.hope is an open window402
93.how about you378
94.i aint been licked475
95.i am me398
96.i cant give back the love i feel for you471
97.i cried for you now its your turn to cry over me397
98.i hear a symphony334
99.i hear the voice of love424
100.i heard the bells370
101.i hope i get it352
102.i love being in love with you321
103.i love you call me941
104.i loves ya porgy395
105.i never loved a man before399
106.i thought it took a little time but today i fell in love375
107.i thought that we were still in love415
108.i want you back968
109.i will survive297
110.i wont last a day without you373
111.i wouldnt change a thing400
112.i wouldnt change the man he is386
113.if we hold on together358
114.if youre not gonna love me right394
116.in the ones you love358
117.in your arms370
118.is this what feeling gets dorothys theme386
119.its a wonderful life461
120.its christmas time514
121.its hard for me to say529
122.its my house519
123.its my turn540
124.its never too late491
125.its your move572
126.ill settle for you521
127.im a mean ole lion523
128.im a winner565
129.im a winner771
130.im a winner519
131.im so happy to see you again534
132.im still waiting405
133.im watching you516
134.keep an eye329
135.keep it right there348
136.keep on dancin469
137.kiss me now443
138.lady sings the blues549
139.last time i saw him352
140.leave a little room328
141.let it snow let it snowlet it snow339
142.let somebody know418
143.lets go up482
144.lets make every moment count454
145.little girl blue409
146.love hangover492
147.love is all that matters368
148.love is here to stay351
149.love lies366
150.love me406
151.love on the line337
152.love or loneliness329
153.love story duet with bill cosby726
154.love will make it right332
155.lover man oh, where can you be337
156.lovin, livin & givin437
157.mean to me459
158.mirror, mirror353
159.missing you345
160.money thats what i want476
161.more and more309
162.mr lee425
164.my man436
165.my man mon homme363
166.my mistake was to love you329
167.my old piano360
168.my place400
169.my world is empty without you366
170.never say i dont love you509
171.no matter what you do duet with al b sure294
172.no one gets the prize378
173.nobody makes me crazy like you do326
174.not over you yet361
175.now that theres you393
176.now that youre gone450
177.o holy night347
178.o little town of bethlehem327
179.oh teacher360
180.once in the morning376
181.one love in my lifetime340
182.one more chance329
183.one shining moment344
184.only love can conquer all375
187.pieces of ice370
188.please mr postman589
189.pledging my love641
190.promise me youll try469
191.reach out and touch somebodys hand427
192.reach out, ill be there438
194.remember me398
195.rescue me459
196.save the children334
197.say we can417
198.selfish one357
199.send in the clowns415
202.silent night422
204.sleigh ride/jingle bells352
205.slide some oil to me375
207.so close363
208.so they say355
209.someday at christmas341
210.someday well be together455
211.someone that you loved before320
212.something on my mind318
213.soon as i get home/home338
214.sorry doesnt always make it right427
215.soul kiss414
217.stay with me323
218.still in love325
219.stop in the name of love361
220.stop look, listen to your heart376
221.stormy weather428
222.strange fruit674
223.stranger in paradise405
224.sugar free372
227.sweet nothings389
228.sweet surrender337
229.swept away328
230.swing it348
231.take me higher306
232.take the bitter with the sweet367
234.tell mama386
235.tell me again344
238.thats how you start over441
239.thats why i call you my friend419
240.the best years of my life411
241.the boss341
242.the christmas songchestnuts roasting on an open fire309
243.the feeling that we have320
244.the first noël349
245.the lady is a tramp1218
246.the long and winding road381
247.the man i love422
248.the music in the mirror367
249.the same love that made me laugh394
250.the twelve days of christmas461
251.them there eyes370
252.theme from mahogany do you know where youre going to432
253.there goes my baby337
254.theres a small hotel452
255.these things will keep me loving you323
256.they long to be close to you375
257.think im in love394
258.this house367
259.to love again312
261.too many nights326
262.too shy to say362
263.top of the world338
264.touch by touch361
265.touch me in the morning345
266.turn around614
267.turn me over467
268.two can make it352
269.until we meet again335
270.up front335
271.upside down393
272.voice of the heart319
273.waiting in the wings304
274.we are the children of the world550
275.we need you331
276.we stand together414
277.what a little moonlight can do420
278.what a wonderful world live523
279.what can one person do321
280.what can one person do441
281.what the world needs now is love334
282.what would i do if i could feel371
283.what you gave me339
284.when will i come home to you384
285.when you dream329
286.when you tell me that you love me325
287.where did we go wrong348
288.where did we go wrong in album stolen moments314
289.where there was darkness360
290.white christmas355
292.who am i anyway414
293.why do fools fall in love351
294.winter wonderland320
295.wonderful christmastime367
296.work that body341
297.workin overtime546
298.you and i367
299.you are everything329
300.you are not alone409
301.you cant hurry love451
302.you cant win445
303.you do it420
304.you got it349
305.you keep me hangin on468
306.you were the one344
307.your love358
308.your love is so good for me368
309.youre all i need to get by472
310.youre gonna love it480
311.youre good my child539
312.youve changed534
313.t aint nobodys bizness if i do466
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