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diana krall, diana krall arklar, diana krall ark szleri
1.a blossom fell508
2.all night long450
3.all or nothing at all457
4.as long as i live470
5.baby baby all the time436
6.besame mucho4541
7.between the devil and the deep blue sea690
8.big foot529
9.body and soul426
10.boulevard of broken dreams485
12.crs craft451
13.cry me a river909
14.dancing in the dark513
15.deed i do545
16.devil may care431
17.do it again430
18.do nothin till you hear from me453
19.east of the sun and west of the moon451
20.folks who live on the hill382
21.frim fram sauce469
22.garden in the rain465
23.gee baby, aint i good to you694
24.gentle rain598
25.hit that jive jack486
26.how deep is the ocean how high is the sky369
27.i cant give you anything but love577
28.i dont know enough about you564
29.i dont stand a ghost of a chance with you505
30.i get along without you very well432
31.i love being here with you389
32.i miss you so789
33.i remember you486
34.if i had you443
35.is you is or is you aint my baby532
36.ill string along with you541
37.im an errand girl for rhythm540
38.im just a lucky so and so553
39.im thru with love579
40.ive got the world on a string624
41.ive got you under my skin555
43.lets face the music and dance609
44.lets fall in love771
45.lost mind388
46.love letters532
47.maybe youll be there647
48.my love is470
49.nd street523
50.only trust your heart494
51.peel me a grape448
52.pick yourself up371
53.popsicle toes403
54.squeeze me411
55.straighten up and fly right582
56.the best thing for you495
57.the look of love514
58.the night we called it a day463
59.they cant take that away from me528
60.this cant be love820
61.when i grow to old to dream376
62.when i look in your eyes445
63.why should i care535
64.you call it madness428
65.youre getting to be a habit with me508
66.youre looking at me530
67.s wonderful1761
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