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youre dead ark sz

[verse 1]
ahhhhhh, necro!
yo, the most morbid overdose off it
like cindy crawfords baby comatose in the coffin
im awful, often unlawful
crack you with a softball in your skull
until youve lost all your memory, every morsel
mutilate the beat, rejuvenate the street
while you duplicate, repeat
leave you lookin like bloody lubricated meat
ive got a gun to pull
and im comfortable
pumpin a full clip into the wonderful front of your skull
your life is not refundable, stumble into the underworld
where bigger hoes than you didnt come to your girl
bustin off like im huntin for squirrels
a bullet hits you ripping your muscle like a hundred curls
and thats that, you bullshit artists
can catch an ascap when you clap right through your knapsack backpack
through an intruders chest right through the flesh
shove the knife in deep coz life is cheap
like hookers from budapest

youre dead dead, youre dead dead, youre dead dead
youre dead dead, youre dead dead, youre so dead
and thats what i said
youre dead dead, youre dead dead, youre dead dead
youre dead dead, youre dead dead, youre dead dead
(so dead) thats what i said

[verse 2]
ill bills seen demons in back of taxi cabs
my thoughts attack me like a bad acid tab
or a crack drag or black flag
tales from the darkside, mandatory suicide
you and i collide, member suit and ties arrive
driving medicated, then the thoughts within the dream accelerated
then some other motherfucker levitated
talkin bout some vampire shit like hes dedicated
decapitated that fuckin faggot then i celebrated
fuckin with me you fuckin with psychos
gunshots and knifeholes, walk on my tightrope, you know how life goes
its like a dice roll, i love the drama, my mind is set to kill you
spill your blood everywhere, like the broken glass of wine
and under the path of disaster of a bastard by design the blast and i
fuck these bitches, love the cash and cry
and we all sick, quick to torture you,
cut off your balls and stuff em down your throat
like you sniffed a pound of coke, youre startin to choke



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