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youre all dying ark sz

[verse 1]
yeah my mafias like a posse of ya soldiers trooping through bosnia
body ya; to bury ya with a hundred bodies on top of ya
your lifes expired, youre on the floor dead with ya arms out like ya tired
my shits crazy like animals spreading rabies and dead babies
and bodies wrapped in plastic, etrocities like these are drastic
cut you open, shoved a spike in ya liver, your veins are like a river
blood flowing through veins like roads on a map
open the hole..back of ya brain
perform surgery while youre asleep
theres no difference between you and sheep
youre dead meat, get your throat cut to the beat
machinery dragging you by ya feet
if ya hungry youre dying to eat
choking on alpo with a scalpel in your adams apple
and a calico slug in your asshole
ill put you in a chapel
kid you should be careful fucking with a butcher knife
pack of that will butcher you like a jackal

you disrepect me - youre all fuckin dying!
it wasnt your fault, well - youre all fuckin dying!
yous the one that did it, well - youre all fuckin dying!
my feelings get hurt - youre all fuckin dying!
sometime in ya life - youre all fuckin dying!
every human thats living now - youre all fuckin dying!
in 10 years or 30 years - youre all fuckin dying!
when the nuclear war comes - youre all fuckin dying!

[verse 2]
im the most hard fire type
the rapper to write raps
that be glorifying knives and pipes and spiked bats
ill light you up like fire-flies in the night
you might get left scarred for life a spike
be happy you havent died yet
the death rhymer preying on you soft hip hop heads
leave you dead and decaying like a corpse
ready fearing anguish through my severe language
once you hear the ampage ya earsll need to be bandaged
death is my territory every storys infested
with skeletons at a very glorious distant
thats why moms had to give birth to me
so i could hit up the earth with a purpose
to spit a verse and school me
this beat is kinda like a meat grinder
chopping you quick to kick dogs like a killer walking behind ya
it aint gossip spreading its logic
that necros the most gothic in gotham
dead in ya project, so fuck ya block kid
youre like a possum thats being hunted and shocked
cause a bullet in ya head is the object

one of you pisses me off - youre all fuckin dying!
i dont care if im cool with you - youre all fuckin dying!
every healthy human being - youre all fuckin dying!
every second gets older - youre all fuckin dying!
open up the safe or - youre all fuckin dying!
or make a run for the door - youre all fuckin dying!
talk to someone in my click - youre all fuckin dying!
you beat me down and let me live - youre all fuckin dying!

youre all fuckin dying!
aint no one exempt!
for fuckin contempt!
know your fuckin place
fuckin hookers
psycho + logical records
put you in your fuckin casket
thats right


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