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wnyu freestyle // ark sz

yo, its scrooge... scrooge
scrooge is up in here...ho ho ho!!!

i wish you a merry crucifixion, i wish you would get a new religion
i wish you a merry crucifixion, and a crappy new year

jesus aint nuttin but a corpse to me, who is he
come over g and a pair of scrotums hangin off the tree
choke the messiah, chop off your member
and then ill roast your nuts over an open fire
your jiggolos big piccolo stickll grow
when im swappin spit with a hoe under the missile toe
yo, ill get under this chicks clothes
youll be one dead slob after your necks clogged with egg nog, choke
the night before christmas, youre feelin the essence
break in your crib, i got a posse of midgets stealin your presents
right through the chimney, you think were rotten
were takin everything you got, kid down to every stinking stocking
robbin you in a santa suit, strippin you like a dancers boot
santa clause is dead, youll die from cancer, duke
im dreamin of a white christmas, i sniff this 8-ball of coke


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