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the king pimp commandments ark sz

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. the 12 king pimp commandments!

its pimp gator
peep the?

a king pimps been here for years representin
theres rules to this shit ill break down a lesson
step by step
like a booklet for you to sweat
and try to apply
to make yourself fly
no. 1: must be strong in mind and spirit
when idiots talk inferior shit
brush it off when you hear it
never fear it
dont put a knife to a broad
cause the penis is mightier than the sword
peep the metaphor
youll find more
cats invaded your crib with nickel-plated
38s imitatin satan you wouldnt be intimidated
you must play past the devils trickery
prison, liquor and hits of e
nicotine and chicks with v.d.
no. 2: must control seven or eight cunts at once
a freak for each day of the week, the eight is a lottery stunt
must handle them with cleverness, kindness, shrewdness
intelligence but never with an iron-fist
no. 3: only fuck with a bitch when youre both clickin
sparrows dont fly with eagle, peacocks cant strut with chickens
4: must withstand all criticism
cause a man whose wife is gettin pimped doesnt understand her sippin
its a profitable business to rationalize into cynicism
that its wrong but it isnt
no. 5: never let a female be equal with you
equal rights a fantasy it will come back to normal soon
refuse to have oral-sex with your woman unless you choose
do not accept: if you do me, ill do you
she was put on earth to serve men
she may enjoy a cuntlick, but deep down shell loose respect for you then
only animals you see lickin sex organs are dogs and cats
females know, during their period cunts are filthy like rats
6: youll use violence in self-defense
to protect yourself, friends, family, women and what you possess
no. 7: never strike a bitch with a pipe or a knife
only strike em to shock em back to realitys light
toss a bottle at her, hit her with a golf club
break a mirror over her head but never make her draw blood
you can start flippin
grippin her like a victim
but never start hittin
this is called the king pimps whippin
no. 8: since punlyness is next to godliness
you must keep your hygiene clean regardless
a shower a dayll do and keep your physical being
in the best condition possible it could be in
no. 9: youre never stingy, greedy, drifty or cheap
when it comes to you and your peeps
you owe yourself the best treats
no. 10: never sweat when a bitch leaves you knowing
the story of a mans life, a bitch coming and one going
they come better the next time
they only make room for a higher grade bitch, the next one is always a
better kind
11: youre only expected to keep a woman a term of four years unless
youre fortunate enough to get re-elected
and if she leaves before her term is up, she faked it
cause she wasnt ready for a king pimp anyway, kid
let her fuck with the other 51 pimp-types, theyre better for her
welfare pimp, blind pimp, dumb pimp etcetera
12: theres leaders and followers
a king pimp never follows a hollow-headed dick swallower
or a trick equipped with a wallet full of dollars
even a scholar
of cabala doesnt get followed
the only one that got it like that solid is god, kid
cause hes brolicy, understands every topic on how a pimp rocks shit
follow these rules, youll have mad d-cups and a-cups
bitches runnin around butt naked with pretty make-up
the respect these bitches will have for you will be sacred
slut, pay up
ill put your fuckin head in the toilet, wake up!

the 12 king pimp commandments
no doubt
respect it
its pimp gator
all you pimps all over the earth
rock with this


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