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sick of you ark sz

yeah yo
all you bitch ass niggas
shady mothafuckers

im sick of you
im sick of you

[verse 1]
im sick of you i need robitusin, dont make me start bustin
you so depressed, you cant let me enjoy your minute
you make me sick, like i ate food with poison in it
you played out, youre too repetitive
give me a sedative before my brain gets negative
and i get the fever for the flavour of a?_shankin_?
right in the throat g, cause on your bullshit ive od
ive had it! you lying in the habit like a teenager in tablets
lighting carrots and rabbits, automatics and religious fanatics

im sick of you
fucking bitch
im sick of you
pass me the?_excedury_? before i bash your fuckin head in

[verse 2]
i aint feelin you, the only thing im feels is an allergic reaction
pass the medication, you got me sick like a patient
digesting your?_reconversation_?
shut the fuck up cause im not patient
but im mental, you might catch laceration
wanna be hard rock, stop
play at your age, im sick from you pussy
?_like i fucked all yall at age_?
my stomach feeling obscure, the only cure is a knife ending your dick
suck and enjoy it, stop you from rapping cause your styles poor

im sick of you
im sick of you
pass me an advil before i make you travel below some gravel

[verse 3]
i get nauseated, from a?_d-day with a wack pay lift_?,
and crushin six hours of lookin at his dick can?_balift_?
criminal porters like a virus clinic, cause im sick
once im in it, the disease called annoying grows each minute
go get your own style, you aint sick enough
yo i got a headache son, cause you suckin my dick to much
and thats the only way shit like you will grow up
my acid lunch, eat you up, you make you wanna throw up

im sick of you
im sick of you
hand me a butt from before you fuckin snuff it

bitch! im fucking sick of you!
fucking bitch ass motherfuckers, shady sluts!


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