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light my fire ark sz

(slit, fuckin slit)
(wink wink)
(wink wink)

uh uh
fuckin whorebags

your tits are greased up
you better clean the yeast up
i like a clean slut
aids between your butt will get your spleen cut
ill bang you hard as i strangle you fuckin you from an angle
that penetrates your anal prostate gland saliva dangle
to your mouth bitches that demand action get ramsacked
and cock jam-packed in thier twat bashin the ass in
or bitches into fashion, sinful passion
puffin hash in a bong trash dance in a thong
cause hooker likes when people watch us fuck
so she could feel like shes a porn star
well shes fuckin me cause shes starstruck
my tongue is in your crotchless panties
the tartness is sweet like starches in starburst candy
bitches hate me but they love a dick, inside thier slit
where the glove fit, heating up like an oven lit
your mine, your perfect, thats the verdict
the pervert will vertically twist you and lick you while you jerk it
work it youre all babes doin it
bitches down to drink piss, fluid, plus manure shit

come on baby, light my fire (suck my dick)
come on baby, light my fire (show me your tits)

try to set the night on fire (rub your clit)
girl we couldnt get much higher (youre a fuckin twit)

what constitutes you bein a prostitute
you lickin doodie shoots, for lots of loot till you gotta puke
drinkin up shots of fluid, even if you dont wanna do it
youll be a true whore once you get through the manure
a whole piece down your esophagus, what an accomplishment
everyone should awknowledge it youre a pig that could swallow shit
weve got different opinions
you feel women should be christians
sitting home knitting and watching children
i feel women should be stripping and sinning
syringes in em trippin while thier pimp brain washes them in a building
you odd now youre hooked up to an intravenous
its a minor inconvenience, from the hospital bed youll suck penis
youre not exempt, from being a wench
as long as both of your lips are ----??
you could be dead and ill still pay my rent
youll eat the doodie from a swollen bowel
a putrid, long, stinky piece thats brown like colin powell


youre on fire
youre syphilis,infected clitoris
is burnin with desire
(wink wink)


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