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fuck you to the track ark sz
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fuck you to the track ark sz

i wanna fuck you to death
and from the womb to the tomb
spray some perfume on your cocoon
do shit, im on some?? shit
lay on the table nude, as i rub lube into your boob
get used to being prude, till i whip out the ice cubes
like your smoking ice dubes, when im patting your muff
you will never say your not getting enough
im being pampered by two sluts with tits
that havent been tampered with, runnin my tounge rancid
all over nipples your panties have been dampened
start massaging my bone
im in your caragasing zone
if you do me ill promise youll moan
wake up to my healthy festival
swallow my delectable testicles like vegetables
your a hooker to feed your kids, you get my sorrow
suck my dick like theres no tomorrow -haha-
go girl, ease the tip
with your big lisa loeba lips as i lick your clit
you sound like a kitten purrin,
you want some milk i have to substitute it with my urine -meow-
i love, massage your tight pussy over my shin like a glove -like that-
throw your head back as i fuck you to this track
blast izm, fucking you to this rhythm
honey we could get down with some sado-masochism

throw your head back as i fuck you to this track
throw your head back as i fuck you to the track
throw your head back as i fuck you to this track
throw your head back as i fuck you to the track

your tits are mad dick?, im romantic
show me your breasts and blow me to death
your bras colorful, plus your gullible
so ill undo your bra strap with my mouth
as you smile im licking your back, frigging your snatch wild
im a mad child, your fragile, at the same time
so freaky and agile, you be doing some gymnastics
when you getting your ass licked
invading your body like your plastic
running flip, you be tested
give me the sexy glancing, private dances
dirty questions and nasty answers
pull up your skirt, pull aside your panties
flash me the candy, before i start fucking you beauty -yeah-
let me suck on you beauty -ohh-
ill take any saint
necros written all over your breast with body paint
ive got a little cock
thats something big for all of them pimples in little rock
put your s on my face, your pussys vivacious
im fucking like three geishas, and my peter??
north pole is ready to squirt a fantasia or lickstabation
your firm tits, i wanna lick you quite to death
unfuck your belly button and spread your legs right to left
grab my organ and give me a treatment fit for a king
lick my testicles ill fuck you like an extra-terrestrial
cause i last forever, while the average human body
cant handle that much pleasure
a five minute treat with me will surpass 95 percent
of all the times you were bent,
over recieving the cock rock like cement
murder the pussy, its homicide, once you got my cock inside
ill use my dick to smack up some dimes
like i need equipment to back up my rhymes
if you timid, youll learn to uninhibit
by stretching your tight pussy to the limit
its my porno exhibit, with debbie whore give me a strip tease
overfucking like its the late sixties, my memories belong in ripleys
believe it or not, cause itll slice up a beaver like a cleaver or mop?
or a shot of scum in your twat of any diva thats hot
-get undressed-

throw your head back as i fuck you to the track
throw your head back as i fuck you to the track
throw your head back as i fuck you to the track
throw your head back slut


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