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eat shit and die ark sz

ladies and gentlemen
tonight we present torture and sodomy
hosted by necrophiliac and ill cannibill
we got you smokin crills

ill make your eyeballs go back in your skull and come out your ass
im walkin on hot coal and glass
i shit on the churchs mass
sacraligous ill sever your body something prestigious
precise cuts, im fascinated with womens guts
i hit your skins and im jerkin off on your intestines
ill fuck you in your ass bitch
now youre colen and swollen
when i go bowlin
to achieve a strike
i use the headpiece of a dyke
i swing her brains down the lane
im a sado masochist
one finger, two fingers, three fingers
four fingers, fuck it the whole fist
up your asshole
now youre ready for ed powers
and rocko sefreddi to suck my cock hoe

[ill bill]
i be gettin backrubs in backrooms of s&m clubs
im on drugs
during sex i use anal beads and butt plugs
im holdin bitches dooty holes hostage
their sphincter keeps me warm in the winter cause my cocks big
it gets stuck
bitches be getting fucked up they asshole
open ya oven
so i can cook the dooty casserole
thats how im living, givin bitches the shits
i fuck em between they tits, then i bust a nut on they lips
i vaccinate sockets with lip plugs like if i was to flip once
i snag body bags with dirty hags and cuts
shooting chemicals directly into my jugular
look around, shits getting uglier and uglier
spinnin within my hyperbaric chamber
nothin short of a bloody rusty razor
bake a brick that could stop my behavior
generally and federally
etcetera, etcetera
executing storm troopers lie deadera
i emphasize like emphysema
every word i speak creeps into your blood stream like leukemia
i instigate mutilation
under federal investigation
escaping police stations

yah i got dead bodys covered with hay in my barn
loud motherfuckers get their lips sown a yawn
out the ten story window, at first i chuck you
attach a switchblade to my dick and then i fuck you (fuck you!)
in and out, as i cut the uterus
youll soon be, familiar with torture if youre new to this
leave you glued to a piss-stained wall
take my brain out of my skull
and watch my fuckin brain crawl
cause its alive, its motherfuckin alive
bend over and get sodomized with the.45
bumpin to the beehive and get stung
i got the noose of death, so nigga come and get hung
willingly, your rectum gets bruised
i come from the world where niggas get fuckin abused
the realm of violent crime
where bitches get fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time

eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die

[ill bill]
im comin out from inside the walls like asbestos

a ghost disappearing and reappearing when least most expected
i gank kids on their own
cause im a monster
im a monster, responsible for missing camp counselors
im analyzing bio-rhythms
sleeping my victims with incisions
my sensory sees catastrophic visions
over the image of jehovah i burn sulpher
in retrospect i infect your innards just like an ulcer
then twist facial be just like rocky dennis
when i menace its horrendous
my bloody appetites tremendous
watch the metamorphosis
takin snitches through orifices
remorse is not my thoughts when i catch a corpse
the torture tactics i practice tear up your mattress
kidnap an actress
that activates my raining plastics

when they made me
i was so, evil they broke the mold
necro was cold, my fucking birth should of been controlled
if youre bold youll get strangled with your gold
going once!! going twice!! another fucking white slave sold
from wacking off i have compulsive tedency
from the pendency, for ruining a bitches pregnancy
niggas cant understand my morbid biology
i bring, new, meaning to the studies of gynacology
when i shove, razors up your cunt youll see
all bitches that diss me wind up with fucking v.d.
when i was in my moms cunt, my father slaughtered me
i came back from the dead, after my mom aborted me
bloody, fetus, baby of satan, devils child
leavin bodies on all types of motherfuckin level piles
so girl take fuckin caution,
cause if youre walkin home alone tonight
you might wind up a bitch on auction
and if you cant take you and youre concious hun,
ill be like ralphus, and shoot a slug into you from my blowugn

[ill bill]
im stirring in the pain in the center of your brain
poke a path with a butcher knife
walk down the lane
take a stroll through the hole in your head
stab a nigga dead
id like to paint the world blood red
flippin like oj simpson, the joel rifkin
covered with crimson
everywhere you look another dead shook
on the meat hook hangin
then im up in your place to spread your wifes legs for the bangin
i love to fuck retarded chicks with wiffle ball bats
then watch there fuckin head go splat when i pull out the gat
im also into sodomizing secretaries
im very scary
my ice pick rips through virgin cherries
and all you goons that think you got half of what me and my brother got
you get chop chop chopped like bobbins cock

eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die
eat shit and die!!!!!

necrophiliac nineteen ninety gore
ill cannibill nineteen ninety gore

eat my shit
eat my shit
eat my shit

you suckey dick for crack
you suckey dick for crack


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